Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 is an exciting time for your child as they begin their journey through Key Stage 2 but it can also be daunting. We therefore aim to provide a smooth transition between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. We will also provide a nurturing environment for your child while at the same time equipping them with the skills to become more independent learners.

Mrs Durkin is the Year Group Leader and teaches class 3T. Mrs. Eckton teaches class 3P, while Mrs. Howe, Mrs Matthews and Mrs Grumme support both classes.

Although by Year 3 many of the children will have learnt how to read, it is still important that they read with an adult. They still have to develop their comprehension skills and surely there is no activity more pleasurable than settling down in an evening and sharing a book together.

In Year 3, we want to develop the children’s enthusiasm for learning through our exciting topics. Through Tribal Tales, we transport the children back to Prehistoric Britain and even show them how to live like our ancestors! We meet an Ancient Greek hero who tells us about his life and the adventures he has undertaken in Gods and Mortals. We visit a local river to find out about its physical features in Flow and learn about forces through playing on the equipment in a park in Mighty Metals. Predatory animals are observed in Predators while healthy food is investigated and made in Scrumdiddlyumptious.

Year 3 Curriculum OverviewEnd-of-year Expectations


We shall produce a newsletter each half-term to highlight recent activities and events in our year group and show what is planned for the next half-term.