Welcome to Year 4

Mrs Greaves is the year group leader and teaches in class 4T and Miss Wolfe teaches in class 4P. Mrs Lovelock and Mrs Ellis support across both classes.

Year 4 is a busy and important year group. As the children are half way through KS2, we will really focus on developing your children’s greater independence. Children have lots of opportunities within and beyond the school day to really develop a range of skills. We expect children to take much greater responsibility for their own learning and love it when they do! Their enthusiasm for learning and sharing what they discover is wonderful to see. Year 4 topics – Burps, Bottoms and Bile; Potions and Blue Abyss allow for a developing range of scientific investigations, with understanding of dental and digestive systems; simple chemical reactions and reversible changes for solids, liquids and gases; and an understanding of animal classification systems. A trip to Catalyst at Widnes in the Spring builds the understanding of many science concepts. The children also make a comparative study of pond life at different times of year, with visits to the Solaris centre.

Our key history focus on Romans offers some great experiences of Roman life, including a trip to Chester, marching as Roman soldiers and finding out about their lifestyles. Our geography focus is the USA and contrasts across this vast country. Music and art lead our Playlists topic.

Year 4 Curriculum OverviewEnd-of-year Expectations



We shall produce a newsletter each half-term to highlight recent activities and events in our year group and show what is planned for the next half-term.